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Descartes System Group

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120 Randall Drive
Waterloo, Ontario N2V 1C6
Descartes System Group

Pool Distribution, Transportation & Logistics Services

Descartes is the global leader in providing on-demand, software-as-a-service solutions that improve the productivity, performance and security of logistics-intensive businesses, and help companies to participate in the world's largest, collaborative multimodal logistics community.

Key Industries

Specialty Retail/Retail : Next-generation software solutions for specialty retail/retail organizations combine capabilities for home delivery for profitable customer choice and differentiated service, omnichannel retailing for a uniform but differentiated delivery service across all selling channels,inbound logistics to optimize the flow of goods and store distribution for real-time visibility and collaboration between retailers and logistics service providers to move goods from distribution center to store. More

Food & Beverage : Descartes solutions help to combine outbound customer deliveries with inbound pickups from suppliers. Plan versus actual performance is measured continuously to achieve maximum productivity and support continuous improvement. Solution innovations extend to effective route planning for backhauls, pickups and suppliers. Fleet operators are provided with extensive real-time and historical views to improve driver behavior. More

Descartes Solutions

Pool Distribution : Enabled by Descartes technology, modern pool distribution allows retailers to share a common distribution network of logistics services providers that use a common methodology to manage the flow of goods from the retailer’s central DCs or suppliers to their receipt in a store’s back room. With decreasing margins and the need to move goods quickly to stores, pool delivers the higher speed of parcel at the lower cost of LTL.

Transportation Management: Next-generation cloud-based transportation management system that supports not only shipment consolidation and execution, but also contract management, order management, freight audit and visibility to help yield significant savings. Advanced features, such as a carrier network, fleet and parcel management, and dock and yard management provide better control of the total transportation environment, which further reduce costs and improve customer service.

Home Delivery: Descartes’ home delivery solutions help retailers grow revenue, increase margins and provide differentiated customer service. They include advanced continuous delivery appointment and route optimization technology; comprehensive capabilities for the entire delivery lifecycle (i.e., from delivery appointment scheduling to delivery route planning, execution and dispatch, GPS-enabled mobile tracking, gathering POD and delivery status notifications); and a web-based architecture that connects all the internal and external parties involved in the delivery process.

Descartes Solutions in Action

Industry publications interview Descartes’ Jeffrey Berichon and a number of customers (e.g., GNC, Famous Footwear, Dicom, Freight Systems) using Descartes Pool Distribution (formerly Descartes BearWare) to move specialty retail products from distribution center to store:

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  2. Journal of Commerce, For some shippers, pool distribution becomes e-commerce solution , 12/08/2016
  3. Talking Logistics, Pool Distribution: The Speed of Parcel at the Cost of LTL/Truckload , 12/08/2016
  4. DC Velocity, Everyone (maybe) into the distribution pool! , 12/12/2016
  5. Supply Chain Brain, Famous Footwear Takes a Giant Step Forward in Store Fulfillment , 12/15/2016
  6. Retail Info Systems, Specialty Retail’s Best Kept Secret - Pool Distribution , 12/16/2016
  7. Supply & Demand Chain Executive, Retail’s Best Kept Secret - Pool Distribution , 12/20/2016
  8. Logistics Viewpoints, Why Pool Distribution Now? , 10/11/2016

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Visit our website: www.descartes.com
Descartes System Group | 120 Randall Drive Waterloo, Ontario N2V 1C6 Canada | 226x-750x-8050
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